Dallas, Texas to Nairobi, Kenya for only $665 roundtrip with @StarAlliance airlines.

Fort Lauderdale to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico for only $68 one-way (or $132 roundtrip) with @JetBlue

Los Angeles to Denver (& vice versa) for only $98 roundtrip with @Delta or @United

Boston to Cape Town, South Africa for only $742 roundtrip with @TurkishAirlines

Travel2be and Travelgenio are glitching out, pricing transatlantic flights from the USA for $99.

We are not putting it on our website as there is a 0.001% chance of them being honoured.


HOT!! Los Angeles to Dublin, Ireland for only $271 roundtrip with @SAS

Non-stop from New York to Turks & Caicos for only $269 roundtrip with @United

Bucharest, Romania to Beirut, Lebanon for only €170 roundtrip with @LOTAirlinesUS

HOT!! Barcelona, Spain to El Salvador for only €295 roundtrip with @AirCanada & @Avianca

XMAS: Non-stop from Paris, France to the Caribbean island of St. Martin for only €261 roundtrip.

Stockholm, Sweden to Jakarta, Indonesia for only €369 roundtrip.

Ljubljana, Slovenia to Taipei, Taiwan for only €364 roundtrip (or Xmas for €390) with @AirFrance & @KLM

Copenhagen, Denmark to Manila, Philippines for only €335 roundtrip.

Lyon, France to Beirut, Lebanon for only €131 roundtrip.

Accra, Ghana to Rome, Italy for only $484 USD roundtrip.

Non-stop from Algiers, Algeria to Barcelona, Spain for only $129 USD roundtrip.

Los Angeles to Stockholm, Sweden for only $330 roundtrip.

HOT!! Los Angeles to Changsha, China for only $296 roundtrip.

Chennai, India to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for only $157 USD roundtrip with @flysrilankan.

Non-stop from Singapore to the Chinese island of Hainan for only $151 USD roundtrip with @HainanAirlines.

Melbourne or Sydney, Australia to Barcelona, Spain from only $825 AUD roundtrip.

New York to Muscat, Oman for only $636 roundtrip with @FlySWISS & @united.

Australian cities to Zurich, Switzerland from only $881 AUD roundtrip.

Washington DC to Warsaw, Poland for only $378 roundtrip with @SAS.

Seattle to Abidjan, Ivory Coast from only $613 roundtrip with @airfrance & @Delta.

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