The harmony between the animals and humans in #MagicalKenya is beyond belief. #TembeaKenya for an incredible experience!

Nothing can shake our land of diverse beauty! Kenya will stand strong #RiversideAttack #Dusit #Nairobi #heregoeskenya

Get your binoculars and a hawk-like vigilance, it's birding time. We’ve gathered for you some of the best bird watching spots in #MagicalKenya.

Flanked by rocky escarpments, pockets of acacia forest and a waterfall, Lake Nakuru NP is gorgeous year-round. The wide ecological diversity and varied habitats are ideal for bird watching, hiking, picnics and game drives.
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#MagicalKenya is a top bird watching safari destination in Africa with the second highest number of bird species.
Did you know you can spot approximately 342 bird species in 24 hours in some locations?
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A day can't pass without something fascinating about #MagicalKenya
Where is this place?

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#MagicalKenya never siezes to amaze!
Did you know Ol Jogi Ranch in Nanyuki hosts the only grizzly bear reportedly in Africa?

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Meru National Park is a 'must' safari destination for wildlife and wilderness lovers.

A mom is always on the lookout for dangers that might befall her youngsters.
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