The Jagmandir Palace in Udaipur, Rajasthan, is a floating wonder situated on an island on Lake Pichola. #IncredibleIndia

No, you’re not in Bordeaux or Provence. At Puducherry’s French Colony, with its well-maintained heritage buildings and the evidently remarkable French architecture, one can easily believe otherwise. #IncredibleIndia

Ever boarded the Aqua Luna before? ⛵️😃 Great shot from IG: kalishuk. Share your photos with #DiscoverHongKong and see if you get featured next time!

Odisha’s Udayagiri caves were one of the earliest rock-cut shelters to have served as retreats for Jain ascetics and several monks for the purpose of prayer and meditation. #IncredibleIndia

The mushroom-domed Kachari ruins of Dimapur in Nagaland dates back to the Dimasa Kachari civilisation. Myths have it that a game similar to chess was played using these domes. #IncredibleIndia

Kickstart your day with a plate of healthy, nutritious idlis. These steamed rice cakes taste best with a bowl of spicy sambar and coconut chutney. #IncredibleIndia

The mustard fields of Punjab stretches across acres, resplendent in a boundless yellow carpet. #IncredibleIndia

Flowing along the Indo-Bangladesh border, Dawki river in Meghalaya’s West Jaintia Hills district is known for its crystal clear waters and scenic boat rides. #ParadiseUnexplored

A garden of greens surrounded by more greens. That is Manipur’s Langol Peak garden for you. Lying on the Indo-Myanmar route, surrounded by quaint hillocks and a picturesque landscape, it is today a famous tourist destination. #IncredibleIndia

KAWS:HOLIDAY #HongKong is on! The artist’s giant COMPANION is now reclining in #VictoriaHarbour until the end of March – don’t miss out!
#KAWS #KAWSHOLIDAY #DiscoverHongKong #HKArtsMonth

The 20-acre Garden of Five Senses in Delhi’s Said-Ul-Ajaib village is a leisure park for the public to unwind and socialise. Besides its lush greenery, the park comes with unique sculptures and a spiral walkway. #IncredibleIndia

The Chaturbhujnath Nala Rock Shelters of Bhanpura in Madhya Pradesh date back to the early medieval age. Stretching over 5 kilometres, the site holds numerous rock paintings from the past.

Through making water available for all, let us make sure no one is left behind on our journey towards sustainable development. #WorldWaterDay

Ant-Man is taking in the #HongKong sights before heading to Hong Kong #Disneyland for the upcoming opening of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! Check out where he's been!

The coastal village of Azhikode in Thrissur, Kerala, was once a major centre of trade. One of its main attractions today is the Munakkal beach, which has a shoreline that stretches to nearly 3 km. #IncredibleIndia

There’s nothing quite like a lip-smacking Indian sweet after a big fat meal. From crispy, hot jalebis to kaju katlis, you will experience a slice of heaven with each bite. #IncredibleIndia

The white-speckled Spotted Owlets or Athene Brama can be found in dense forests across the country. #IncredibleIndia

The sacred Nakki lake in Rajasthan’s Mount Abu holds a special place in Hindu mythology. A quiet ride here makes for a stunning view with its lush greens and majestic rock formations.

It’s almost time! Don’t miss the grand opening of the KAWS:HOLIDAY exhibit in #HongKong tomorrow!
#DiscoverHongKong #HKArtsMonth

Globetrotter Supriya Sehgal documents her journey through the bewitching Talacauvery in the Brahmagiri Hills of Western Ghats.

Also known as Kaas Pathar, Kaas Plateau in #Maharashtra adorns the Western Ghats with its unique wild flowers and diverse fauna. It was declared a bio-diversity site by UNESCO in 2012. #IncredibleIndia


Hidden amongst the famous concrete skyscrapers of #HongKong are glimpses into another time with traditional temples and fascinating historic sites showing a fusion of past, present and future.

#Lavasa in #Maharashtra is a private, planned city being built in the style of the Italian town, Portofino. This unique hill city strikes a perfect balance between nature and man’s creations. #IncredibleIndia


Cradled by nature, #Munsiyari village in #Uttarakhand lies at the base of the great Himalayan mountains. The village is a known destination among trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. #IncredibleIndia


#LearnCantonese Say "Ga Lei Yu Daan" when in #HongKong to talk like a local and order these delicious curry fish balls.😋 #TravelTips

#Tajpur beach in #WestBengal’s Purba Medinipur district is a newly discovered destination, known for its laid-back air, dense tamarisk trees, and red crabs tottering around. #IncredibleIndia

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#Pakoda Made with gram flour, spices and onions, this deep fried snack is just the right bite to relish on a wintry or rainy day. Accompanied with a hot cup of chai, you’re in for a crispy treat. #IncredibleIndia


Colour your world with love and joy this #Holi. This ancient festival is now celebrated across the world as the “festival of colours” or “festival of love.” #HappyHoli #IncredibleIndia


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Take a delightful stroll through the cabbage farms of Rajasthan and pick a few fresh, crisp ones. Add a little green to your day! #IncredibleIndia

Great pic! 😄 MT @FE_photograph A1 #PTtravel Victoria Harbour in #DiscoverHongKong is a great place to hang out in the evenings for views like this and there are free light shows too

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