Here, sculptures speak a million words, the rhythms of Odissi resound through the air, and surprises await you at every turn. Discover Bhubaneshwar, where every moment unveils a world of inspiration. For more videos, Please access this link:

Yumthang, at a height of 11,800 feet is known as 'Valley of Flowers'. In spring, wild flowers like primulas & rhododendrons bathe the landscape in rich colours. Cascading waterfalls, bubbling streams, lush meadows & forests of pine & fir trees thrive here.#explorefromhome

The idea behind offering ‘bhog’ to the Gods before partaking of meals is rooted in the Vedic belief of eating in constant awareness of Divinity. It cures that which hinders our spiritual balance in life. This is also the basis of the ‘satvik’ approach to eating.

Haryana is a land known for Gita Gyan, Sports, Military Services, Simple & Robust People and its rich & varied heritage. The Folk Dances, Festivals, Museums and Traditional Food Delights shall mesmerize you. Join the virtual journey to this magical land:

Our webinar gives you a detailed depiction of Kuchiyat, the heritage of the people of Kutch. It gives a detailed display of rituals manifested in crafts, buildings, textiles, dance and music. In case you missed the webinar here is the link:

Ministry of Tourism's initiative 'Adopt a Heritage- Apni Dharohar Apni Pehchan' aims at bringing people closer to their heritage. Available in four languages- Eng, Hindi, Japanese & Korean, Audio Odigos App has audio tours for various sites @tourismgoi @prahladspatel @audioodigos

Nalanda University, one of the greatest education universities is surrounded by 11 monasteries and six brick temples. This place which was once a glorious Buddhist centre. Read more at:

Calling for nature lover - experience the many spectacular natural wonders that Malaysia has to offer.
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Shampoo or Champoo? The Hindi word chāmpu (head massage) was transliterated as shampoo. The practice of shampooing was invented in India when our ancestors used soap berries, shikakai paste, hibiscus extracts to make a cleansing concoction to wash hair.

Getting around Kuala Lumpur without a car. Thank you Brian Cicioni of I May Roam @brianmayroam, for a well-written article. #malaysiaawaitsyou #malaysiatrulyasia #stayathome #travellater #kualalumpur #RapidKL[0]=68.ARCnKHmufNvoWYvLWb9Ahu4fa99AgJ-Qh4dvreQ5hE6WaLRMq55MwSgT8tKZtuqoA5UgJ8hMCsIeAcZR0Nactc0j5AcZCrELVMOShpIkB6MHK0-gSPE2Gje0UiOmmGVcQWC8wtFF-H4eFZnWZA_yazb6RXIjV0AExMOhNgPSz46RCr_xQEFq17Z17wWzvtI22UkPL3yd-NbdRACjO7WbYDvjI5wnLWmcOmBGQ3NsVyv09-zO7Yy4EooTy842u1mfFtOsy3GFf_sJHCDCAQCk9e6LvFAeaDRaBf4x1gBISoOAM8-B_BNngKsHtZr-a3rMuJwaPqf99JeGWT3NhyjivfZIO_mdQpGGTP7bs3T_s19r9iPIM0QYSfROs5CuFv9TMSCY9rR_dqSPv512ZnHapBXi3SsVhg1nSMccYE4emK836YDDeI8R6e8BjCL_hSnHA1kk9dEFRiYuw03Z1PsdozEax6qjKzqIPzzakEjiKC1RPZuvTXNO9kiaeOUZ659b_kNKp_ximNliOgo9PjXyYtyVN4yihbotB0vy-ahMSZmCgd0d_-zvsZ-BmpxH5OtDXuJBjBCHuOuxbuM&__tn__=-R

The webinar introduces the intrinsic heritage of the people of Kuch - Kuchiyat. It brings stories, thought, ideas, and practices, rituals manifested in crafts, dances and music. Please register:

Northeast India is considered a heaven on Earth. High hills, cascading waterfalls and exotic wildlife are the main attraction of the northeast. In case you missed out the webinar, watch the recording here:

Art thrives due to the artisan, but art survives due to its patrons. Let us be patrons of our local artisans, let us encourage them, let us motivate them. Capture their art in your photography and tag us in your best images to us. We will repost them on our feed. #VocalForLocal

We went on a virtual journey of the rich heritage and culture of Goa, witnessing untold stories of the Portuguese rule and the Kadambari dynasty. Since you couldn't join here is your chance to relive the enchanting journey to Goa. Please access the link:

Mantanani Island is a cluster of 3 remote islands Northwest of Kota Belud, Sabah Malaysian Borneo. Relatively unknown, an island promises to enthrall. #MalaysiaAwaitsYou #MalaysiaTrulyAsia #dreamnow #traveltomorrow #diving #sabah #mantanani #borneo

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