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A Top Mexico Shopping Destination: San Miguel De Allende #HeartofMexicoBeats #SanMigueldeAllende @turismo_sma

Travel Insurance: Don’t Leave Home Without It This Holiday Travel Season #TravelHappy #ad #TravelConfident @AllianzTravelUS

It’s been exciting being in #Joebiden’s city over the past few days. We met many people who have met the Bidens and their family — universally good impressions 😍

Tomorrow I'm going straight into the heart of Biden! I'm taking the 7:25 am Amtrak Train from Greenfield MA then meeting Bruce Northam then heading to Joe's home city, Wilmington Delaware. We will spend a few days asking around about Joe our future president! #bidenland #amtrak

The Best TravelSmart App Yet (Version 5.4) Is Now Available #Travelsmart #travelhappy #ad @AllianzTravelUS

Beautiful man proud to vote for him to be President.

Twitter feed video.Beautiful man proud to vote for him to be President.
Michelle Kinney@MichelleKinney

I had never seen this clip before today, and now I’m sitting here wiping tears from my face. Joe Biden is a good man, and he is our only hope to heal and restore the soul of our nation.

Best Use of TravelSmart Insurance App by Allianz #Travelsmart #travelhappy #spon @AllianzTravelUS

Allianz TravelSmart App: 10 Benefits You Want to Know #TravelHappy #TravelSmart #ad @AllianzTravelUS

San Miguel de Allende: Outdoor Adventure in a Mexican Paradise #HeartofMexicoBeats #SanMigueldeAllende @turismo_sma

Baggage: The Tales of a Traveling Hypochondriac at GoNOMAD Travel -

Cusco, Peru: The land of the Incas

Cusco has a wealth of Inca sights to visit, along with Machu Picchu, you can visit including Puka Pukara, Pisaq and Inca villages like Ollantaytambo.

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