Travel Vlogs Talking about travel writing and what makes a story great at the NY Times Travel Show, January 2019, at the Javits Center. Lively Victoria Row, the pedestrian-only area of the city, where music plays and people enjoy the soft evening with dinner al fresco at one of the many cafes and restaurants along the street.

Turkey: Skiing Mount Erciyes just published on GoNOMAD Travel - Turkey Skiing: A trip to Mount Erciyes, a volcano about an hour away from Cappadocia in the city of Kayseri, provides great skiing at cheap prices.

Man's Best Friend Comes Back to New York just published on GoNOMAD Travel - Museum of Dogs: AKC Museum of Dogs will complement the existing AKC Headquarters in New York City with a new interactive museum about all breeds of dogs.

To me romantic means exotic. So I would lean toward those faraway places that we will need a month or more to explore. Laos I'm looking at you! #travelhappy @AllianzTravelUS

France: Here Are Three New Must-See Museums just published on GoNOMAD Travel -

The key is to make them short and remember that two nights away can seem like a longer time than it is...when you're doing a lot of kissing! #travelhappy #allianztravelUS

Look What We Found: Great New Travel Gadgets and Gear just published on GoNOMAD Travel -

Los Angeles Most Popular New Hotels for 2019 just published on GoNOMAD Travel - Los Angeles Hotels: A round-up of five new and exciting hotel properties opening up in the Los Angeles California area in 2019. Photos and highlights.

Got oxygen? At 10,000 feet, @CopperMnt has plenty and should you need something more, Dr. Yarberry at the resort's clinic can provide that too! #CopperMountain

When the mountains give you snow, @CopperMnt gives you the new high-speed bubble chair! A tour of a guest room at The Moxy Hotel, Times Square, New York City.

Drone Shots: The Best Photos of 2018 just published on GoNOMAD Travel - Drone shots: The website compiles an annual list of the best drone photography of the year, here are some of the top shots that won.

SpareFare Will Resell Those Cancelled Trip Plans just published on GoNOMAD Travel -

Cool Lodgings: Living Like Royalty ... just published on - Normandy France | Max Hartshorne stays at a 13th-century chateau in Normandy called the Chateau le Val and samples an exotic local liqueur called 44 made from Calvados, oranges and coffee beans. Skiing down a tree-less slope on Mount Erciye, the volcano in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Seeing Dublin on Two Feet just published on GoNOMAD Travel - Seeing Dublin, Ireland on two feet is the best way to view the city. Enjoy all the city has to offer, from pubs to history and much more.

Built in 1984, the Marriott Marquis is a famous hotel, with rooms surrounding a vast drop down to the eighth floor lobby. #MHMarquisNYC
It's in the heart of Times Square and close to the #javitscenter

Excited to stay in one of NYC's legacy properties, second largest in the city! @MHMarquisNYC The Marriott Marquis with its 50 story drop in the middle. FUN! #NYC

#Allianznytts The brand ambassadors meet up before The NY Times Travel Show.

Most of the travel writers in the world are all at the Javits Center at #IMM2019 today!

Heading south in Metro North. Total cost of train from Springfield MA to NYC $29! Amtrak $69! Both have to change in New Haven #ctrail #amtrak #pricefail

Bleisure Travel in Detroit: Mix Business and Pleasure #bonwipoints

Cleveland: The Forest City Rocks #bonwipoints #bonwirewards

Cincinnati: The Paris of America Awaits! #travel #bonwipoints #bonwirewards

Here is how the Turkish rugs get their color #flotours #matis #turkey#howtoweaverugs

A Cancun Fly and Flop at Iberostar Cancun Star Prestige just published on GoNOMAD Travel -

Kayseri Turkey: here is a great place for dinner for succulent lamb kabobs #Kayseri #flotours #turkish #shishkabib

Dr Murat Cahid Cingi, CEO if Erciyes ski resort talks about how they built a world-class ski resort in central Turkey near Cappadoccia. ⁦@EruMedya⁩ Very impressive snow and facilities!

Chicago's Must See Riverfront just published on GoNOMAD Travel - Chicago's riverfront has made incredibly exciting developments in the expanding city. Addition of family friendly activities and accomodations.

The Privy Chamber of Sultan Murad III in the Harem. #flotours #turkey

France: What's New in Normandy for 2019 just published on GoNOMAD Travel - Normandy is expecting to welcome many new things, with open arms, in 2019. Normandy is no place short of activities and attractions for tourists to relish.

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