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#LostSecrets is an all-new show airing Sunday nights at 11|10c. Check out this clip from last week's episode on nazis and their obsession with the supernatural 🤔.

Question for @sam_vinograd

why did DJT sign those military pardons? I mean, I get his “thinking” when it comes to pardoning Arpaio, or contemplating pardons for his indicted conspirator pals, but why Lorance et al? It makes no sense to me.

The team returns to St. Albans after four years — will they be able to make it through the night this time? 😨😳

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We’re back at St. Albans Sanatorium and… we’re terrified. 👀👀👀

#DestinationFear is all-new tomorrow at 10|9c after #GhostAdventures.

"Last spring, I had the privilege of taking a sailing trip to the Kitlope in British Columbia," writes #YourShot photographer Melissa Dismuke, who captured this charming image of dinner aboard the boat.

What’s behind the wall? Join @Jchawes, @stevegonsalves1 and @davetango for an all-new investigation TONIGHT.

Don’t miss #GhostNation at 10|9c! Watch an extended sneak peek:

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